Hey Friends!

My name is Tahlia and my ultimate goal here on earth is to know God, as well as make Him known to as many people as I can.

So a bit of my testimony…

I grew up in a loving Christian family, both immediate and nuclear, and have been in the same church community for most of my life. I found a lot of security because of the  amount of strong Christians surrounding me, and, therefore, I always considered myself a Christian. However, it wasn’t until life got a little bumpy that I realised it was my own choice to follow Jesus Christ.  Through many difficult and awesome trials, God revealed to me that I had not put Jesus as the central focus in my life and that my identity needed to be in HIM, not in the WORLD. And from this point, I dedicated my life to Christ and got baptised. What an awesome day!

But it doesn’t stop there, because God keeps calling me to be apart of His awesome story in so many ways and He does the same with you. Writing these posts are a journey in themselves because they encourage me to draw even closer to Him everyday, and share the hope and love found in Jesus Christ.

I pray as you read my present and future blogs, that you will become amazed at our awesome God and be challenged in how He calls us to live.


Tahlia 🙂